What it means at university

What it means at university
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You can study at a university in the EU on the same conditions and fees as a local student.

If you want to do part of your degree in the EU you can get EU funds to help pay.

UK universities benefit disproportionately from EU research funds to the tune of £1bn per annum.  The government on leaving might distribute the equivalent amount from savings to universities. It might not.

Since 2014 the UK has received 11.4 bn euros from EU research funding.

There could be restrictions on the free movement of European students and academics to our universities’ loss.

Cambridge Vice-Chancellor said on March 1, 2016 at International Higher Education Forum:

  • EU funding provides about 16% of UK universities’ research budget
  • UK hosts 22%of European Research Council grants
  • 15% of UK university staff are from other member states
  • 200,000 UK students have studied in other member states under Erasmus programme.
  • 125 students from other member states are at UK universities.