Some people say: Brussels makes the laws

Some people say: Brussels makes the laws caption here
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British ministers and MEPs have a say in every stage of the legislative process and are directly accountable to the British people.

It’s up to individual member states to work with other like-minded members to get laws they favour.

In some cases there is a national veto.

As to the number of laws made in Brussels what matters is that 98 per cent of tax payer’s money is spent by national and local government.  The House of Commons Library shows that from 1997 to 2009, just 6.8 per cent of primary legislation and 14.1 per cent of secondary came from Europe.

Big ticket items such as education, health, defence, taxation, welfare benefits, transport and the supreme decision of going to war are outside the remit of the EU.

As for a loss of sovereignty, sharing sovereignty in a globalised world in exchange for influence is a fact of life. Think of our membership of NATO, the UN or the IMF.

All trade deals have an impact on sovereignty.  ‘Getting sovereignty back’ by leaving the EU, we would have to surrender it again in each new trade deal.

As for the jam jar story, complete myth!