Benefit tourists? The facts

Benefit tourists? The facts
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Immigrant workers have not been a burden on the British taxpayer.

A recent report from HMRC (May12, 2016) shows nationals from the European Economic Area, that includes the EU, paid more than £3bn in income tax while claiming just £500m in benefits.

Since April 2014, only migrants in work have been able to claim housing benefit. And workers who lose their job will have to wait three months before claiming job seekers allowance.

It is true that migrants get free medical treatment on arrival. That is because in the UK health treatment is free at the point of delivery.  In other countries you first have to take out insurance.

As to university fees, British students are free to seek admission to universities in other EU countries and pay the lower fees paid by students of that country.

Remember, less than half of the immigrants to this country come from the EU.